Become a package deliverer?

For the beginners, the following matters are important to get to work properly and professionally:

supplying your complete personal details through the mail is the right start to be welcomed to our company

we mainly work with independent entrepreneurs, of course they can also be starters who want to take on entrepreneurship themselves through their fellow entrepreneurs.

every starter goes 3 to 4 days in training and then finishes the training  with a test to see and experience how the parcel delivery works.  You can also look for a day with a regular driver, then you can see if the job suits you

information about the conditions for being able to start as a self-employed person is discussed with each person by e-mail.

we have a short start process, for starting entrepreneurs who come from the delivery industry

Through cooperation with the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV), we also ensure that unsolicited home seekers can start working as independent entrepreneurs with support from the UWV in the preliminary phase.

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