In the world of transport, Tran-Sport has been moving since 2003 as a young and dynamic logistics service provider. In the eyes of Tran-Sport, a flexible attitude and a customer-friendly approach is indispensable in the relationship with both the client and the addressee.

Every day we are ready for you with our vans and delivery vans to serve you. From document to pallet, destined for home and abroad.

We are at home in the transport world of all markets, such as;

  • Urgent – Courier
  • Air freight
  • Fixed, daily routes
  • Distribution of small and large batches of shipments

In fact, everything is possible if you report in time!

You have something to transport? We are looking for a suitable solution for you!

Our service goes beyond door to door. Do you have a shipment for a specific person? We deliver this personally.

Our rates are sharp and clear! In retrospect no weird surcharges, such as fuel surcharge, filetoes, etc.

Your assignment is our concern. With our team of people, we want to take on the challenge of realizing your objectives, so that you can continue with what you are really doing.

Tran-Sport has professional couriers. You call for an assignment; the courier goes out for you. Our drivers are well trained, representative, have good street knowledge and think along with you. Of course we are always willing to deliver your shipment a bit further than on the doorstep of the front door. You can be kept informed at all times where your shipment is at that moment. We also always deliver a signed consignment note with a name in capital letters upon delivery, so that you can always check who has received your shipment.

It is also possible to give the courier specific instructions, with regard to the person with whom your shipment is offered, the route to be followed and / or time of pick-up and / or delivery.

For direct information about an urgent shipment and / or rates, call:
T (0182) 34 36 18

For fixed trips, distribution work, etc., email us for a special rate:




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(0182) 34 36 18


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Daily opened from 8.30 – 17.00 hours


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